Victorian Fob Pendant Made from a Slice of the First Transatlantic Telegraph Cable in 18k Gold

“Glory to God in the Highest; on Earth, peace and good will towards men” - Luke 2:14 and the First Transatlantic Telegraph Message, sent August 16th, 1858.

We were at dinner with friends in London and we were talking about the most unusual pieces that we’ve ever had. For me, it was a fob, made from a slice of the first functioning Transatlantic Telegraph Cable, laid in 1858. The fob was cased in silver with a little gold ship on the ocean laying cable. I was lamenting to my friends that I’d never see its like again. The next day I went to an antiques show at the Royal Horticultural Hall and was browsing about. I looked into the case of man I’ve known for many years as we chatted and low and behold I spotting this fob, only the second one I’ve seen in over 20 years. My friend didn’t know what it was, and told me that he’d had it for quite awhile, that it had been in a box of things he’d bought at auction and that this was the first time he’d put it out for sale. Kismet, defined.

This wonderful fob contains a gold cased slice of the first Transatlantic telegraph cable, made from copper and steel wire and cased in gutta-percha, a natural type of latex. The case around the cable is beautifully hand embossed and crafted of 18 karat gold. The pendant measures 32 mm north to south and 21 mm across and weighs 6.3 grams. It is unmarked but has been carefully acid tested to verify the gold content.

Hand crafted in England in about 1858, this fantastic pendant is a little piece of history that’s sure to be a conversation starter!

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Item ID: FBA23518VA

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