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Antique Edwardian 15k Gold Moonstone Bar Brooch in Fitted Box

$ 980.00

I’ve always been unaccountably drawn to moonstones. There’s just something about their silky inner glow which makes them seem like they have a life and light of their own. I’m not alone; the ancient Greeks treasured them and the Romans believed they were formed from moonbeams. In Asia, it was believed the gems washed up from the ocean, that they had prophetic and romantic power. Prized for centuries, the moonstone was especially sought after in Europe during the Art Nouveau era; not only for its beauty, but for the belief that it could repair romantic relationships.

The lore is endless, but to me, the science is sensational, the gem’s incandescence is a result of the diffraction and reflection of light on layers of feldspar, a phenomenon called “adularescence.” In other words, the rays of light literally dance inside the stone!

This elegant brooch is a wonderful example of the lunaresque quality of the moonstone. Five symmetrically arranged moonstones—two oval, and three round cabochons—are set in gold in a clean line. The brooch weighs 5 grams and measures 8.7 mm by 45.2 mm and is 11.4 mm in depth. The two oval stones each measure 11.5 by 7 mm and 4.2 mm deep. The larger round stone measures 8 mm in diameter and 5.25 mm deep, and the two smaller rounds measure 5.3 mm in diameter and 3.8 mm in depth. There are no marks, but inside its case lining is a printed logo: Watchmaker & Jeweler, Albert J. Cole, Late H.J. Drake, 76 Calverly Rd., Tunbridge Wells.

Whether you’re drawn to the legends of moonstones, or perhaps to their mythic powers, it it the glowing beauty of this wonderful bar brooch that ultimately matters. It compliments any style and will be treasured for years to come.

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