Antique 15k Carnelian Fob Seal Flip Lion

Funny story; I started buying these wonderful carved intaglio seals years and years ago. Not because I had a demand for them, not because I felt like I ‘needed’ to, but merely because I like them. No, actually, I kind of love them. Here's why; I always have that strong wish that my jewels could speak, and so I find myself strongly drawn to the ones that tell at least a bit of a tale, the ones that are hallmarked with where and when they were made or inscribed with a name or a date or a wish. Intaglios, tiny carvings with such exquisite details, they speak to me in this same way, they say something about themselves. They bear a message or maybe someones family crest, their motto, their initials even. You can imagine them, all those years and years ago. dropping wax on a secret message, pressing their seal into it to insure it arrived without being read. Brilliant, really.

I am always asked for smaller seals or fobs that can be added to a bracelet. Here is such a little beauty, it’s not too small, it’s just perfect. Hand crafted in 15 karat yellow gold, it’s set with a spinner of smooth rusty orange carnelian which has been beautifully carved on both sides; one side bears the likeness of a Lion in profile and the other the initials ‘JA’ (I think, it might be JK?). The beveled slice of translucent stone is wonderfully set into a pinched frame and spins freely but not loosely. I think this one is quite early and probably Georgian, circa 1750 or so, I would guess, and was made in England. It measures 27.5 mm across, 19 mm top to bottom and is 3 mm thick, it weighs 2.3 grams. It is unmarked but has been carefully acid tested to verify the metal content.

Turns out I’m not the only who loves these little carved treasures, I sell them as fast as I buy them, but I don’t mind, it just means I get to go on the hunt for more! To me, they walk that perfect line between art and history and adornment.

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