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Antique Gold Agate Flip Fob Spinner Pendant 'Strongly Brave'

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We have such easy access to things now, we just go to the store and buy it, or even better, we sit on our couch and order from the comfort of home. It makes it easy to forget about where things come from when the arrive fully formed at our doors. I like to think about where things come from, who thought up the design, who created it? What were the raw materials and where did those come from. I piece like this one really drives it home; the artist who carved this stone would have been approached by the person whom it was for, he would have carefully selected his stone and then recreated the clients desire to the best of his ability. Then the stone would be sent to a jeweler to have a mounting hand crafted for it, the jeweler would select the gold, most likely from something he melted down and worked the impurities out of himself, he would have formed the bezel, the design of the top. In this case the carver was very highly skilled and his rendering is beautifully detailed, the goldsmith was crafty and put in a bit of locking mechanism to keep one side or the other of the intaglio locked into place. Hours and hours of diligent labor to create a little masterwork that has lasted over 130 years.

This wonderful flip fob was hand crafted in England in about 1880-1890 in 9 karat gold with a rosy hue. The spinner has a carving on both sides, done in brownish, somewhat translucent agate. One side features initials and a lion rampant and the other is carved with a crest that shows a Lion Rampant on a shield with a slash across the field, above him is another lion, below reads: “Fortiter Fortisam’ which I believe to be latin for “Strongly Brave”.

The fob measures 47 mm from top to bottom and 30 mm across at the widest point, it is 4.6 mm thick. The stone has a measurement of 24.4x20.7x5mm. The piece is unmarked but has been carefully acid tested, it weighs 13.2 grams. The condition is quite good but the locking mechanism doesn’t really work all that well, it’s an interesting design.

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