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Antique Edwardian Diamond Double Snake Ring, Size 9

$ 1,550.00

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     Like it or not, our human history and mythology is highly connected to the imagery and iconography of the serpent.  Cleopatra wore golden snakes, Eve was notoriously taken in by one, the Buddhists say that Mucalinda, king of the snakes, guarded the Buddha while he sat in meditation, and the ancient Egyptians worshiped the snake goddess, Wajet, who protected the pharaohs, while simultaneously fearing her son, Nehebkau, the two-headed serpent who guarded the entrance to the underworld.  The snake biting its own tail has been used through the ages to represent the cyclic and infinite nature of all of life, and the motif is thought to have been inspired by the stars of the Milky Way.  Two snakes intertwined have long embodied the perfection and eternity of love.

     This fantastic snake ring had me at hello.  Round and round and four times round, these two 18 karat gold snakes chase in endless circles.  The head of each snake is set with a bright and lively Old European Cut diamond weighing approximately .15 carat.  The ring is fully hallmarked on the inside of the band with the crown mark for having been made in England, the Castle for the town of Chester, and an N representing the year 1913; it also has a maker's mark of ‘F.B’.   It is a size 9 and would be slightly more complicated to size than an ordinary ring, but clearly it's been done once and could be done again.  I wouldn't recommend changing it by more than a couple of sizes up or down, please inquire if you're curious and I'll pass the question along to my jeweler.  This ring measures 15.6 mm north to south at the widest point and narrows down to 10 mm wide at the back of the band, it weighs 8.5 grams.

     There is something very powerful about a man in a gold ring.  Throw in a couple of snakes and that power speaks to yummy.  (This ring would be equally beautiful and powerful on a woman, don’t get me wrong).

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