Edwardian Gold Peridot Gate Bracelet with Heart Lock

Peridot has been mined for more than 3,500 years. It’s a French word that stems from the Arabic “faridat” meaning “gem”. Ancient lore tells us that peridot was used to break enchantments, especially when set in gold. This bracelet however, is still quite spellbinding. Peridot has connections throughout the ancient world. Romans described peridot as the “emerald of the evening” as it could catch even the dimmest of light. Egyptians regarded peridot as the “gem of the sun”, it is said to protected wearers from terrors of the night. Peridot forms deep within the earth’s mantle, unlike most jewels with one other exception – the diamond. It’s brought to the surface with the help of volcanoes and tectonic activity. Peridot has also been found in meteorites, an exotic association if there ever was one.

This antique gold and peridot gate heart lock bracelet was handcrafted in England. It features seven green peridots that measure 5.5 mm in diameter. This bracelet measures seven inches in length and weighs 18.2 grams. The height of this piece is 10 mm. It bears the gold purity hallmark, “9c”, meaning it was made in 9 karat gold. It also bears a maker’s mark, “DB”.

This bracelet is a glamorous thing to wear, standing out, making statements, boasting with confidence.

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Item ID: BTA19617VA

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