Small 'Emma' Chalcedony Fob

$ 500.00

In the recesses of his coat pocket lies a velvety pocket watch chain hung with a chalcedony fob, imbued with a delicate enchantment. Fashioned of gold and set with a polished gemstone, its sunny hues ripple with serene elegance. Delicate wisps of embossed flowers embrace its surface, capturing the ethereal beauty of a mist-kissed dawn.

Etched upon this precious fob, in graceful calligraphy, the name "Emma" unfolds, as if whispered by an invisible pen. Each letter dances upon the chalcedony, gleaming with a soft luminosity, as if mirroring the inner radiance of its bearer. A testament to the sentiments it guards, the engraving resonates with a timeless tale of love and self-discovery.

Within its slender frame, the chalcedony fob conceals a narrative, much like the unfolding pages of a cherished novel. It symbolizes the spirit of its eponymous owner, capturing the essence of a spirited and vivacious soul. The name "Emma" evokes a potent blend of confidence and curiosity, akin to the heroine herself, venturing forth with audacious determination.

As Jane Austen, the ardent observer of human intricacies, would attest, this chalcedony fob holds a story within its gleaming surface. It bears witness to the transformative journey of a young woman, navigating the intricate webs of society, love, and self-discovery. With each touch and glance, the fob whispers of Emma's growth, of lessons learned, and the blossoming of a generous heart.

Oh, to envision Emma's hand resting upon this chalcedony fob, the coolness of the stone a soothing balm to her spirited soul. In this quiet adornment, the name "Emma" becomes a touchstone, a reminder of the young woman's tumultuous but illuminating path towards self-awareness and empathy.

Thus, dear reader, let us peer into the shimmering depths of this chalcedony fob, and behold the tale it quietly unfolds—the story of Emma, as if inked upon its very core, a testament to the timeless artistry of Jane Austen's pen.

Measuring 22.2 mm high and 13 mm across at the widest point, this fabulous fob was hand crafted around 1820. It tests as 15 karat gold and weighs 3.3 grams.

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Item ID: FB1021104V

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