Unset Carved Antique Amethyst Intaglio Seal

$ 800.00

Hear, See and Be Silent.

This fabulous intaglio was probably purchased by a young English person on their Grand Tour of Europe in the late 1800s. The wonderful seal is carved into a loaf of amethyst that measures 17.6x15.4x10.5 mm, it may have been set into a fob at some point in it's life or maybe it was brought home with intentions that were never fulfilled. Either way it a lovely little bit of history.

Carved with an Ear and Eye and the phrase "et se taire' which is French for 'and be silent'.

This wonderful stone weighs 6.2 grams which translates to 31 carats. There are a couple of tiny flea bites to the stone, as is to be expected I suppose, given its age.

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