Art Nouveau Gold Signet Figural Ring with Poseidon and Amphitrite

$ 1,850.00

The setting sun bathed the room in a warm, golden glow, casting delicate shadows upon the mahogany desk where a remarkable gold signet ring rested, exuding an air of quiet elegance. Adorned with intricate carvings and bearing the initials 'EW' upon its smooth, polished surface, it seemed to hold secrets whispered from a bygone era. Carved with masterful artistry, the ring's sides depicted the divine figures of Poseidon and Amphitrite, the sea god and goddess. Their graceful forms seemed to dance amid delicate waves, their presence lending an ethereal charm to the ring.

Poseidon, with his commanding presence, symbolized strength and power, while Amphitrite, his serene consort, epitomized grace and beauty. The fine detailing of their figures captured the essence of the sea, evoking the ebb and flow of life itself.

This ring was hand crafted in 14 karat gold in about 1890-1900, I think it is American in origin although it is unmarked (we’ve tested it for its gold content). This one measures 14 mm north to south and 11 mm across and narrows to 3.3 mm at the back of the band. A size 7, this ring weighs 6.9 grams.

Item ID: RG0824177V

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