Victorian Diamond & Pearl Bypass Ring 18k Gold

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The moment I laid eyes upon the ring, I felt an indescribable connection—a whisper of history and elegance that stirred my soul. I knew I had discovered something truly extraordinary. I engaged in a spirited negotiation with the seller, my heart pounding with excitement, as I envisioned the ring finding its rightful place in my collection.

As I held the ring delicately in my hands, I marveled at the intricate craftsmanship that defined the Victorian era, the way that the back of the ring was almost as beautiful as the front, the glow of the 18 karat gold band, the diamonds, carefully arranged in their sparkling embrace, and the pair of lustrous pearls exuding their quiet elegance, their iridescence enchanting me with their subtle allure.

This English beauty was hand crafted in about 1890, it is set with two pearls (which appear natural, but I’ve not had it tested) of contrasting hues, one has a golden glow, the other a glow of silver, both are about 8.4x8.4x7 mm. The six diamonds are old European cuts, 2.3-3 mm in diameter. The ring measures 16 mm north to south at the face and sits 7 mm off the finger, it narrows to 1.8 mm wide at the back of the band. this ring is a size 6 and weighs 5.3 grams. This unmarked ring has been carefully acid tested as 18 karat gold.

I like to imagined the ring's journey through time. I envisioned it adorning the hand of a Victorian lady, a symbol of love and commitment, as she embarked on a new chapter of her life. I could almost feel the echoes of the era's opulence and sophistication, preserved within the intricate design of the bypass ring.

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