5 Art Deco Platinum Band Ring Stack Sz 7.5

On a sunny Portobello Saturday morning, I found this perfect stack of 5 platinum bands tucked away in a case at the back of an outdoor market stall all tied together with a bit of ribbon. There was no price tag, so I asked the woman perched gracefully at the back if I might have a look, and what the prices were for each. She said she hadn't priced them individually because she couldn't bear to see them parted. They we hers you see, and though she hadn't worn them for years, she always wore them together. She had collected them over her years in the antiques trade, and for over thirty years, she had worn them every day. They had graced her hands through countless markets and fairs, and had seen literally thousand of pieces pass through them. They had been a quiet but constant companion, a never forgotten part of daily dress, ever seen and felt through the years. She said her arthritis had become bad enough, that one day she realized that her beloved stack would need to be traded in, but she just couldn't bring herself to sell them, and they had just been "living" with her stock and making the rounds with her for more years than she cared to say. A bit embarrassed, she admitted that she really had meant to sell them, but, she confessed, it just never felt like it was time to untie the ribbon. I made it a bit easier by suggesting that I might be tempted to leave them just as they were, and pass along a perfect ready made stack, along with her story and a bit of Portobello Road mojo!

All made between 1920 and 1930, these five Art Deco bands range just a bit in size and width as well as weight and hallmarking. They are as follows:
1) Size 6.75 US / 1.9 mm / 2.7g. Hallmarks: Platinum / W.W.Ld,
2) Size 6.75 US / 2.6 mm / 3.2g. Hallmarks: Platinum / J.M.
3) Size 7 US / 2.2 mm / 3.4g. Hallmarks: Platinum / FC
4) Size 7.25 US / 2.8 mm / 2.9g. Hallmarks: PLAT / PPLd
5) Size 7.75 US / 2 mm / 2.5g. Hallmarks: Platinum / W.W.Ld.

Together they can make the perfect stack, or can be worn in any arrangement that suits your fancy. Where will life take them and what adventures lie ahead on their third go round, I wonder?

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