Antique 18k Gold Intaglio Signet Ring

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"Cognac, sir?" the butler inquired, offering a crystal decanter filled with the rich, amber-hued liquid.

"Indeed," responded the gentleman, his gaze briefly lifted from the book in his hand, his fingers adorned by the weighty elegance of a gold signet ring. The ring, a relic of Victorian opulence, bore the weight of history in its intricate craftsmanship. Etched into the surface was an intaglio carving of a knight's helmet proudly positioned above a shield, its surface embellished with three noble ducks in precise detail. As the light from the grand chandelier cascaded upon the ring, the carving came to life. The knight's helmet exuded a sense of chivalry, each line and curve meticulously carved, symbolizing courage and honor. Below it, the shield adorned with three ducks spoke volumes about heritage and lineage, their poised stance representing resilience and loyalty.

Crafted around 1860, this gentleman's signet ring carries with it the essence of an era defined by craftsmanship and attention to detail. The face of this ring measures 15.4 mm north to south and 12.7 mm across, it narrows to 5 mm at the back of the band This ring is a size 8 and weighs 13.6 grams. Though unmarked, this ring has been carefully acid tested as 18 karat gold.

This handsome ring with its intricate intaglio carving showcases the finesse of Victorian artisans, each stroke preserving a tale of heritage within the gleaming gold.

Item ID: RG0922088VS

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