Antique Art Nouveau 18k Diamond Lady and Flowers Ring

     I quite fell for this lovely ring. You might think that I found this one in France as it does have a Frenchie look about it, but in actuality I found it in the back of Rodger's Gallery on Portobello Road in London. I was looking for one of my regular suppliers but she wasn't in her normal spot in the market, someone else was there instead. Being an equal opportunity buyer, of course I had to have a gander in his case to see what I might see and I immediately spotted this Art Nouveau beauty.  I asked him if I could take a closer look and he happily obliged. I looked at her through my jewelers loupe to get a closer peek and commented to the dealer that I thought the ring was quite lovely.  "Although, I do wish her face wasn't quite so rubbed," I added. His reply:  "So does she." Haha, he had me there! Even without razor-shaped cheekbones, she was too much of a beauty to pass up (and the price was right!).

     This gorgeous Art Nouveau ring was handcrafted in about 1900, most likely in France, maybe in England. This one is unmarked so we have a little less information to go on than I might like, but it has been acid tested to verify the gold content at 18 karat.  The ring has a little scene that goes around the whole band which showcases a giant poppy flower and its leaves, stems and buds.  It is set with a cute little full cut round faceted diamond in the bottom flower bud that give it a lively winking accent.  This ring is a size 9 and would be difficult to size due to the pattern that goes all the way around the ring.  It weighs 10.6 grams.  The ring measures 26 mm (1 1/16 inches) north to south and then tapers down to 5 mm at the back of the band.  

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SKU: RG0214341V

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