Antique Arts & Crafts Citrine Necklace Silver Gilt

Citrine is named from the French word for lemon, ‘citron’, as the color of this tart and sour fruit matches the shade of many citrines. The gem comes in an array of shades ranging from pale yellow to burnt amber. The color depends upon the amount of iron present in the stone - the more iron, the deeper the shade.

This Arts and Crafts necklace was handcrafted around 1900. It features four faceted citrine stones, totaling 4.86 carats. It was made in silver gilt and has been acid tested. The link chain necklace is 16.75 inches in length and it weighs 9.3 grams. The main feature’s overall measurements are 59.3 x 22.2 grams.

This Arts and Crafts necklace is a superb example of the art movement it belongs to. With its chain links connecting citrine teardrops to baubles of silver, and a pendant full of sinuous silver bordered in a flower motif, this piece is everything the movement wanted to be.

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