Antique Arts & Crafts Moonstone Citrine Silver Necklace

It was the fourth of July, it was hot and steamy as we drove home with the moonroof pulled back and the stars shining overhead. Off to the sides we saw fireworks shooting over the horizon, some close and big with a distant ‘bang’, some silent and small and far away. On either side of us mother nature competed for her share of the glory, sending lighting sparkling through towering clouds which lit up gold and rose; and yet still the stars shone over us and a tiny sliver of silver moon bobbed in and out of the clouds. Sometimes a moon is so thin as not to spread any light, allowing for darkness and stars and fireflies and fireworks to light the night; other times the moon is so bright and full that you could drive with your headlights out, watching the grain fields wave in the blue light.

This necklace is more of a full moon kind of girl. Lively and bright, these moonstones have a blue light that seems to emanate from within; set in silver and accented with sparkling golden citrine, likes stars in a darkened sky. This fantastic Arts & Crafts necklace is likely English in origin, and that’s where I found it. Fully hand crafted around 1900, this necklace is eminently wearable, the 17.5 inch long chain puts the moonstone drop at just the right spot, the drop measures 44.5 mm north to south and 24.4 mm across at the widest point. The larger moonstone measures 13.7x12.4x4.8 mm and weighs approximately 5.83 carats, the smaller one is 11x7.3x5 mm and weighs approximately 2.87 carats. There are 10 faceted citrines around the edges which have a lovely rich whiskey color. This necklace weighs 8 grams.

Take a little bit of moonlight with you wherever you go with the stunning bit of history and art!

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Item ID: NE1218200VS

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