Antique Austrian Hunting Motif Bracelet Silver

Hunting in the early 1900s wasn’t just a mans game. Women were invited to attend, and they most certainly knew how to dress for the occasion. An adventurous lady of means would ride sidesaddle on her horse, while wearing red to prevent any shots from coming her way. This woman would have known that thematic accessories were also required, such as a hunting-inspired bracelet to accent her black riding hat.

This beautifully hand crafted antique Austrian bracelet features a design inspired from the love of hunting. It was made in Austria, around 1900, in silver. It has a hefty feel at 35.0 grams and 7.75 inches of length. Each hunting motif link is round and 18.8 mm in diameter. Every piece is different from the others as there are eight charms in total, consisting of a dog, a deer, a quail, a wolf, a duck, a boar, a hare, and a raptor. It is marked with the silver content mark, ‘800’ and the maker’s mark reads, ‘BAS’.

This bracelet is a wonderful quality made piece. It’s not just for hunting anymore, but it would make a fabulous gift!

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