Antique Carnelian Intaglio Fob Pendant 'Forging New Love'

Perhaps he is Cupid in the off season? He is mining love and maybe once he has gathered enough he’ll tip his arrows and be off. For now he works with his pick and forge to release the love into the world.

This delightfully carved intaglio seal features a winged cherub with a pickaxe mining hearts. I can’t really make out the saying on this one, but I think it says ‘Te Vatev’, I couldn’t find out what this means, but please feel free to enlighten me if you might know, I feel like it’s something along the lines of ‘Forging New Love’. The carving is done in a richly colored piece of carnelian and is set into a silver fob which would make a wonderful and unusual pendant, quite the conversation starter! This fob is medium-large in size, measuring 19.5 x 16.4 x 24.8 mm, it weighs 4.8 grams. Most likely this intaglio was purchased in Italy during a Grand Tour and brought back to England to be set into this silver fob around the year 1880.

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