Antique Coin Necklace, Silver English Coins from 1816-1849

Long, long ago, people wore their money, gold chains were really just wallets, when you wanted to pay for something you paid in gold, or silver or other precious metals or gems. So, I guess it’s not that surprising that for as long as their have been coins, there has been jewelry made from those coins. Here is a fabulous and eminently wearable example of coin jewelry. 

Hand crafted using 18 silver coins, this clever necklace is graduated to form a stunning collar all the way around the neck. It starts with 3 Half-crown coins featuring the bust of King William IV, these large coins are dated 1836 and are a fairly rare coin; not quite sterling, their silver content is .917. The next two coins up the neck are silver Florins, one tenth of a Pound. They feature the bust of Queen Victoria and are dated 1849; interestingly these coins are referred to as the ‘Godless’ Florin because there was no D: G: on them, the DG stood for Dei Gratia, meaning ‘by the grace of god’. These coins were sterling silver. 

The next two coins up the neck are different on the two sides. On one side is a ‘Laureate Head’ Shilling featuring the bust of King George IV which is dated 1824, also in sterling silver. On the other side is a Shilling from 1834 featuring the bust of King William IV. 

The next two coins are shillings featuring the bust of King George III and date from 1816 and 1820. The next two are also different, one is also a King George III shilling and the date is 1817, the other is King William IV shilling and the date is 1835. The next two coins up are also King William IV shillings, and they are both dated 1834. The next two coins are smaller, they are Sixpence and are dated 1831, and the last two small coins are Three pence and are dated 1835. These last two coins are the only two which are drilled with small holes to accommodate the clasp. Hanging from the clasp is one more small coin which was likely a later addition to this necklace, it is a Sixpence from 1896 and is set with a small blue paste gem. 

This necklace measures 15 inches long and based on the dates of the coins I think it was likely put together sometime after 1850. The necklace weighs 118.5 grams. 

At once antique and contemporary, this spectacular jewel is a Numismatics dream and is sure to garner lots of compliments! 

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