Antique Edwardian 1.75 carat Diamond Solitaire Ring in Platinum

Old cut diamonds can be dangerous. The more of them you see, the more of them you desire to own! Whereas modern brilliant cut diamonds can be nice and sparkly, old European cuts like this one are more like individual works of art. Hand cut by master craftsmen who spent decades honing their skills. These cutters used no computers, no lasers, they used their eyes, their experience and their hands, often cutting with tools they had made themselves. The result is a diamond with a uniqueness of character that simply cannot be found in todays modern cut stones. This European ring was made in about 1910 and showcases the simplicity of the Edwardian style anchored firmly by an Old European cushion cut diamond with large cut facets that cause it to flash with slow and stunning sparks of colorful fire.

This ring is hand crafted in platinum and it showcases a round cushion cut diamond which measures 7 mm x 7.4 mm by 4.9 mm deep and weighs approximately 1.6 carats. I estimate the diamond to be an I color and an SI2 clarity stone with a small feather incisions visible with only with a 10x power jewelers loupe. The shoulders are also worked in platinum and are set with 3 small diamonds on each side Old European cushion cut diamond for added sparkle. It is currently a size 6 but could be (and has been in the past) re-sized to suit. This ring comes with a full independent appraisal done by an independent GIA certified Master Gemologist and has a replacement value of $17,500.00.

This ring is the quintessential engagement ring, a solitaire of stunning size filled with brilliant fire!

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Item ID: RGA17142VA

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