Antique Engraved Curb Link Bracelet in 9k Yellow Gold

Okay, you've been asking me for chunky gold link jewelry and so of course, when I saw this gorgeous bracelet, I just had to buy it! A fabulous, large curb link style bracelet with a fantastic engraved pattern on one side that alternates links and a smooth, soft link on the other.  Can you imagine how many hours of craftsmanship went into the making of this wonderful bracelet?  The jeweler would have to mill the gold into a thin sheet, cut out and hand bend each link, engrave the gold and then put it all together, link by lovely, lovely link.

This English 9 karat gold bracelet is 8 inches long and closes with a matching gold hand engraved lock. The lock is marked ‘9ct’.  There is a safety chain for added security.  This is a wonderfully large and weighty example of the chased curb link bracelet which was popular between 1890-1910.   It weighs 23.1 grams. Made in England around 1900.

A truly lovely length of gold which can be worn with either side out for two different looks, this wonderful curb would also make a fantastic base for a charm bracelet.

As a side note, I can see from the photos what looks like a crack in the carnelian, upon closer inspection I see that this is not a crack at all but rather a natural feature of the stone, which forms in layers.  It’s not nearly as noticeable without the very bright lights that we use shining on it.

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