Antique French Opal Solitaire Ring 18k Gold

The ancient Romans called opals, “opalus”, meaning, “stone of several elements”. They believed opals held the power of every gemstone because of the stone’s magical play of every color. Many myths surround this famous stone. There is an Aboriginal legend that says opals originate from where the Creator touched his feet to the ground as he descended from the heavens on a rainbow. There was also a time when it was thought that opals preserved the color of blonde hair!

This is a gorgeous 18 karat gold ring, handcrafted in France around 1890. It bears the French eagle’s head mark on the outside of the band. An oval cabochon precious opal sits at the center of the ring face, measuring 9 x 7.4 x 4.7 mm and showing off flashes of lime green and indigo. “Precious opals” are known for their diffraction of light, called ‘play of color’, in which rainbow colors shine from inside the stone like a kaleidoscope of firelight. This ring is a size 6.75 US and weighs 3.7 grams.

This beautiful French solitaire opal ring will soon be your favorite accessory. It will entrance you the instant you see it!

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Item ID:RGA22327VA

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