Antique French Ruby Gold Earrings Lucky Clovers

The Victorians, as fashionable and forward as they were, were a suspicious people. Between Jack the Ripper and the Russian Flu, who could blame them? Because of this, horseshoes and clover motifs grew in popularity, especially in the late 1800s. The clover, or shamrock, was used in jewelry, religious garments, and for medicinal purposes. Clovers with three leaves were associated with the Holy Trinity and were used in many Christian crucifixes, rings, etc. Four leaf clovers conveyed good luck and were a symbol of affection with a meaning of “be mine” or “think of me”. Clovers were meant to ward off evil spirits, hardships, and misfortune. They were thought to bring the wearer success, harmony, and many blessings.

These fabulous little lucky four-leaf clover gold earrings were handcrafted in France around 1900. This pair of earrings feature a dark pink faceted ruby at the center of each shamrock. They weigh 1.5 grams together and each earring measures 17.7 x 10.5 grams. They bear no marks and have been acid tested at 18 karat gold.

They are decidedly French as they have a back to front closure which works just as it sounds, the earring goes through the ear from behind and clips in the front. They are extremely comfortable to wear, but it can take a little time getting used to putting them on. The key is to wiggle the earring instead of trying to just push it through. Don't be surprised if you get hooked on this style of closure once you get used to it!

Take luck with you wherever you go with these perfect good luck charms!  

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