Antique French Vercingetorix and Rooster Pendant Medal Art, 18k Gold c. 1910

The front side of this coin shows Vercingetorix, The King of the Gauls. Vercingetorix, was a chieftain of the Averni tribe, located in what is today the French Auvergne Region. The French regard Vercingetorix as a hero for his ability to unite the Gauls in a revolt against Julius Caesar’s Roman forces in the last phase of the Gallic Wars, specifically during The Battle of Gergovia. In a later battle, Vercingetorix was captured and held prisoner for five years before being paraded through Roman streets and executed. There are many statues and tributes to Vercingetorix throughout modern day France. His legacy lives on through history books as well as beautiful gold pendant such as this one! 

The reverse side of this coin pendant shows a gallant rooster with a spear and sword. The rooster is a typical French emblem, like the fleur-de-lis, which are both thought to be handed down from Gaelic times. ‘Gallus’, the Latin word for an inhabitant of Gaul, means Rooster. 

This French Pendant was handcrafted around 1910 in 18 karat gold. It has been professionally acid tested. This piece weighs 6.2 grams and measures 31 x 21 x 1.5 mm. The signature has faded over the past century and appears to read, ‘G. Lueler’. 

This is the perfect gift for a historic jewelry fanatic or a stylish coin collector. It would also look quite stunning on you. 

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