Antique Intaglio Fob Seal Pendant in 18k Gold with Carved Carnelian - Sword with Severed Heads!

Okay, so I have to admit that I only just now realized that this fob is really quite gruesome! I was looking at it closely and trying to discover some tidbit of information about the heraldry of its carving and I realized that the sword was quite bumpy. Hmm… ‘a bumpy sword, that’s odd’, I thought and so I got out my good jewelers loupe and turned on the brightest light in the room and took a look. Oh my, those bumps are heads! I never did discover it’s meaning (if you know it, won’t you tell me?), but I admit to loving it just a little bit more for it’s outright message! Off with their heads! Yikes! 

This wonderful intaglio carved fob seal is kind of ridiculously fabulous. It has a gorgeous and heavy 18 karat gold case that is at once classic and contemporary, it has that velvety feel that only old gold can achieve (especially 18 karat old gold!). This fob is set with a highly polished, beautifully carved and bezel edged piece of carnelian in a bright orange/red hue. This piece would make a gorgeous pendant on a sturdy gold chain (20 inches or so would be perfect), it would also make a wonderful watch fob, it's original use, if you have a watch that needs one. The fob measures 35 mm from top to bottom and is 17 mm across, the carnelian itself measures 15 mm across, it weighs 12.6 grams. Made in England (perhaps? most likely) around 1850 or perhaps a bit earlier. 

Lost in history, bound in myth. That’s what I always think when come across very old things like this fantastic carved intaglio seal. If only it could talk, the tales that it would tell! 

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