Antique Jet Earrings Silver Tulip Drops

Introducing – the everywhere earring. They’re like that anywhere leather bag and those anywhere white sneakers. They’re that little spring in your step you didn’t realize you needed. These earrings are more than an impulse, they’re a decision, and a great one at that.

The stars of this show are a pair of teardrop shaped smooth, sleek, black jet dangling from a silver flower-like setting. Together, these earrings weigh 10.0 grams. Each earring measures 55 x 10.5 mm and together they weigh 10 grams. There are no marks and they have been acid tested. The earrings were made in England around 1890-1900 and have new tops and wires.

Jet, a dark brown - black coal formed from fossilized wood from the Jurassic Period, has been used for thousands of years to craft all types of jewelry as well as personal objects. The blackness of its color made it popular for mourning jewelry during the Victorian era.  

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