Antique Moonstone Sapphire Gold Earrings

Ancient Romans believed that moonstones were formed by drops of moonlight. They associated the stone with romance, femininity, and dreams. It was the ancient Greeks who named this stone, though, after the ethereal silver light of the moon. Both cultures associated it with their lunar deities. I’m not one to argue, since I also think this gemstone is absolutely divine! During the Arts and Crafts era stones such as monotones, pearls, and opals were used quite often as they seemed alive with the way they shined in most any light.

These antique Edwardian moonstone and sapphire drop earrings were handcrafted in England in about 1910. They’re a gorgeous set with simple lines and glowing gems. The moonstones give off a blast of blue as well as the ethereal white color they’re known for, each one weighs approximately 1.76 carats for a total of 3.52 carats. The tops are set with round glowing blue sapphires, .16 carats each. The earrings measure 47 mm long from top to bottom and 9.5 mm across. Overall, they weigh 2.5 grams. They are marked with ‘15ct’ for 15 carat gold.

For a pair of earrings they’ll surely ask you about, or that statement piece your jewelry box is missing, these are it!


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