Antique Pinchbeck Blue Enamel Earrings

There once was a clock maker named Christopher Pinchbeck, the First. He worked on Fleet Street, in London, where he made clocks and musical instruments for the wealthy. He crafted a, now famous, musical clock for King Louis XIV. In the year 1720, he created a metal that still bears his name. It looked like gold, and yet had none. Pinchbeck was a form of brass, an alloy of copper and zinc. It looked so much like gold that he was always sure to clearly label any of this new material, he liked his customers to be accurately informed. He wasn’t one to trick others, but there were people who tried to use his material in such a way. His wonderful creation was used in jewelry of all sorts, including stagecoaches, where theft was high, and in this beautiful pair of antique earrings.

These classic Victorian pinchbeck and blue enamel earrings were handcrafted in England around 1880. These teardrop earrings feature elegant floral engraving with a strip of tiny golden beads and twisted wires down the center of each. Pale blue enamel decorates a portion of each earring that looks like wings, or even a shield, as though they’re ready to fly away and into battle. Together, they weigh 7.2 grams. Each earring’s overall measurements are 47 x 17.6 x 7.5 mm. There are no marks and they have been acid tested.

These darling earrings are just waiting to dangle from your ears, they look great with a smile and even better with a laugh.

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