Antique Victorian Bohemian Garnet Earrings

I love words and their history almost as much as I love jewels and their history. Take the word ‘Bohemian’ for example. You might think that someone is bohemian because they are artistic or unconventional in some exotic way. Why do we use this word for that? Well, the word Bohemian actually means someone from the country of Bohemia, in what is now the Czech Republic. For many centuries it was thought that Gypsies came from bohemia and gypsies had a reputation for living outside the norms, for being colorful and artistic.

The Victorians loved garnets and they referred to jewels set with clusters of small rose cut garnets as ‘Bohemian Garnet Jewelry’. Maybe that’s because it was exotic and colorful, like Gypsies, or maybe that’s because the garnets used in these jewels came from the country of Bohemia. I like to think it’s the gypsies.

These wonderful bohemian garnet earrings have great sparkle and movement. Set with a range of bright red garnets, these Victorian beauties were hand crafted in about 1880. The gold itself is low carat garnet gold, usually about 8 karat, and the earrings measure 36.8 mm from top to bottom and 17.5 mm across. Together these earrings weigh 4 grams.

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