Antique Victorian Carved Bog Oak Earrings, c. 1860

Bog Oak is a dark brown or black fossilized wood that came from the peat bogs of Ireland. The peat bogs of Ireland had special properties, high in acidity and rich in tannins, the bogs turned ordinary wood into a material which was very unique and took hundred or thousands of years to turn to this rich, wonderful color. It was very popular in the 1850s and was used as a substitute for Jet. It was not cheaper than Jet, but because it came from Ireland, it had a nationalistic appeal. 

These wonderful earrings are velvety soft and beautifully hand carved with an amazing level of detail. They have great movement and convey a certain lost elegance. Made in England or Ireland around 1850-60, they hang just over an inch and a half long from sterling silver wires and they are about a half inch across at the widest point. Together they weigh 7.6 grams. Loved for over a century, these are in fantastic condition and ready to be loved for another hundred years or so! 

Left alone in the bogs for another million years or so, this wood would have turned into coal, added pressure and time would have turned that coal into diamonds. So, just think of these earrings as diamonds in the (super) rough!! 

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