Antique Victorian Ruby and Diamond Double Snake Ring

The snake biting its own tail has been used through the ages to represent the cyclic and infinite nature of all of life, and the motif is thought to have been inspired by the stars of the Milky Way. Two snakes intertwined have long embodied the perfection and eternity of love.

This large and showy 18k gold snake ring features one triangular shaped old cut diamond head with ruby eyes and one oval faceted ruby head with diamond eyes. The diamond measures 6.5 mm per side and 2.5 mm deep, looks like a rose cut, but has a shallow faceted back with a large open cult. The ruby measures 6 x 5 x 3.2 mm = .75 carat. Fully hallmarked Birmingham, England in 1873. Overall Face Dimensions: 14 mm N-S, 20 mm across, 5 mm off the finger and weighs 10.3 grams. Size 11.25US.

This wonderful ring has a lot of sparkle and flash, it would make a great wedding band and is quite large in size and scale.

Item ID:RGA21259V

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