Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Locket, c. 1890

He’s a writer, he’s humble when people compliment his prose and he’s bashful when they ask if he’d sign a copy for them. He’s a tempting chiseled idea, who listens to records from the 60s and sips brandy from a snifter. He’s the one you love and in the locket he gave you, you keep hidden a love letter, folded into a tiny rectangle. It was the first love letter he sent you, nearly two decades ago. You’ve memorized it by now, along with his hand writing, you know how his ‘L’s loop and his ‘E’s never look like ‘E’s.

This handsome oval silver locket was hand crafted in England around 1890. The front features an engraved shield design with tiny engraved geometric designs that are reminiscent of hand held fans or even seashells. This piece has been professionally acid tested. Inside this Victorian beauty are two frames with plastic windows, waiting for a chance to showcase your most precious tiny photographs or other sweet mementos. This piece weighs 22.9 grams and measures 58.4 x 34.8 x 10 mm.

Excellent for an evening out with the mister and equally wonderful for next week’s annual work luncheon. Give the gift that gives every outfit style!

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