Antique Victorian White Enamel Gold Frame Locket

$ 1,260.00

Imagine a time before photography, before we had cameras in our pockets all the time, before most people had even heard of such a contraption as a camera. How would you remember your loved one without so much as a photo? If you were lucky and a person of means perhaps you would have a portrait of them, but for most people, the easiest and most common moment was a lock of hair from the head of the dearly departed. This hair was woven into elaborate designs, sometimes so finely done that it looks more like fabric than hair. The hair was used in all manner of jewelry, in rings and earrings, in bracelets and bangles, but mostly it was put into lockets. These lockets were often enameled with black enamel, but sometimes, especially if the person who was being remembered was quite young, the enamel was done in white.

This crystal frame locket likely once held a lock of hair from the head of deceased young person, now it is empty and ready to hold just about anything you like. A photo, a flower, a bit of verse, a bit of earth, a bit of sand, or even some of your favorite gems; all would be happy living in here. The locket is set with either glass or crystal, I can’t actually tell, it has no bubbles nor inclusions. The frame is white enamel over 15 karat gold, it measures 44.7 mm from top to bottom and 34.9 mm across, it is 5.6 mm thick. This round enamel locket weighs 8.6 grams.

Hand crafted in England in about 1870, this gorgeous locket comes with a story to tell, what that story is, I leave that up to you!

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