Art Deco Pools of Light Crystal Necklace 30 inches long

The Pools of Light necklace trend began during the Edwardian era and really picked up steam in the 1920s. These long necklaces were chic with the flapper dresses of the time. They’re made up of clear rock crystal orbs that refract light as it enters and diffuses it as it exists, giving nearby surfaces a ‘pool of light’ effect. For this stunning light feature to take hold, the crystal spheres much be whole, meaning no holes, and they must be colorless.

This vintage Art Deco rock crystal necklace was handcrafted around 1920. There are 40 rock crystal spheres set in a 30-inch silver long guard chain. Each rock crystal measures 13 mm in diameter. This gorgeous necklace weighs more than 100 grams and has been acid tested. This long necklace lacks a clasp but can fit right over your head.

Rock crystal is valued for its colorlessness and flawlessness. It’s a transparent variety of quartz that has also been called a “mountain crystal” or an “Alaska Diamond”. Rock crystal doesn’t contain enough trace minerals to give it color, hence it’s pure clearness. Rock crystal has been used since ancient times in art and sculpture. It was carved into vessels, and spheres, like this necklace, and used as a gemstone. Ancient Egyptians used quartz sand crystals to develop glass making in 1500 BC.

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Item ID: NE0817165VS

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