Carnelian Gold Drop Earrings Lovely & Victorian

They’re like the sun as it rises over the mountains somewhere in the west. They’re like the coral under the foam of the sea, with clown fish swimming in and out of its arms. They’re like a ripe pumpkin in the autumn, carved with the face of a jack-o-lantern, glowing bright around the flame of a candle. These orange baubles of wonderful, well, they get the privilege of dangling from your ears, like a field of California poppies.

These very pretty antique Victorian carnelian drop earrings were handcrafted around 1850, in England. Each earring features two bright red-orange carnelians, set in 9 karat gold with a chain that links the two parts together. The top carnelian is round and cabochon cut, measuring 8.7 mm in diameter. The bottom carnelian is a unique vase shape and 10.0 mm in diameter. Together, they weigh 5.0 grams. Each earring measures 46.6 mm in length. There are no marks and they have been acid tested.

These earrings are the accessory you’ve been looking for, they’re ready to be dressed up, dressed down, and adored. 

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