Danish Mid-Century Chalcedony Ring by N.E. From

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Once upon a time, in the quaint streets of Denmark, there lived a skilled artisan named Neils Erik From. Known for his mastery in crafting exquisite silver jewelry, he embarked on a new creation—a green chalcedony ring that would captivate hearts. He carefully selected a stunning green chalcedony gemstone, vibrant like the emerald fields of his homeland. With utmost precision, he fashioned a silver setting that embraced the gemstone, allowing its natural beauty to shine.

As word spread of From's creation, the ring found its way into the hands of a young woman named Freya. The moment she slipped the ring on her finger, she felt an instant connection—a sense of serenity and strength. The green chalcedony seemed to whisper secrets of nature's wisdom, and Freya cherished the ring as a symbol of her own resilience.

This marvelous example of From’s work dates to the 1950s. It measures 30.2 mm north to south and 14.7 mm across at the face and narrows to 3.8 mm wide at the back of the band. The beautiful green cabochon chalcedony measures 20x8.5 mm. This ring is marked with ‘Sterling’, ‘Denmark’, ’925S’ and the makers name, ’NE FROM’, it is a size 7 and weighs 7.2 grams. 

Over the years, this ring has adorned the fingers of those who sought to embrace their inner strength and the harmonious balance of nature. Its story will continued to unfold, transcending time and captivating the souls of all who encountered its enchanting allure.

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