Fabulous English Lavalier Aqua Pearl Pendant 15k Gold

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It is no mystery that King Louis the XIV of France had affairs, and as affairs go, he really went all out! One of his purported mistresses was the Duchesse de la Valliére. She liked to wear pendants like this one, they accented her ample bosom, and it is her name from whence we get the term 'lavallière’.

I come across a great many lavalieres every time I shop, but I don’t come across many great ones, so when I do, I always snap them up. This lavallière was made in Victorian England around 1900, many years after Louis XIV sat on the throne. It is beautifully hand crafted in 15 karat gold in the shape of a floral spray. The spritely leaves have a subtle texture which gives them a glowing matte appearance. It is set with 18 various sized pearls with the largest 3 at the center and top measuring 3 mm across and the smallest ones just 1 mm. This exquisite piece is further set with three dark, rich, aquamarines, this color aqua always makes me swoon, this rich blue is so rare and these three stones weigh about 0.25 carats, 0.45 carats and 0.28 carats from top to bottom, together they weigh about .98 carats in all. This one is 54 mm long from top to bottom and 25.5 mm across at the widest point, on the larger and more impressive side for this type of pendant, and it weighs 5.0 grams. It is marked with 15T, which I think is a mis-strike that should have been 15CT. The pendant has a decidedly Art Nouveau style and flair.

The Duchesse had this one right, these lavalieres really are the perfect pendant, on a chain, on a cord, both ways they are lovely and eminently wearable.

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