French Grand Neoclassical Gold Earrings

At the office she wears a scarf, knotted perfectly over a shirt that buttons down to reveal just the right amount of cleavage, not that anyone at work would know. She wears sensible shoes and the perfect length skirt. She dons the  small but lovely engraved gold earrings that have been handed down from her great-great-grandmother, they are beautiful and reserved, her persona. After the computer is closed for the day, after the pencils are sharpened and arranged in their holder; well that is another thing altogether. She meets her husband of 25 years in the elegant bistro around the corner, off with the oh-so-carefully placed scarf and sensible shoes and stockings, on with strappy heels and a touch of red lipstick; down with the perfectly pinned bun. Last but not least she pulls a small box out of her purse and attaches the long, golden drops to Great, great, great Grandma’s earrings; and she is transformed.

These stunning antique French gold night and day earrings feature finely engraved florals and elegant details that smother the entire piece in elegance and French flair. They were made in France, in 1840, in 18 karat gold. They are an impressive 68 mm long with the drops on and measure 14.2 mm wide at the widest point. They are lightweight, weighing in at 5.3 mm altogether. These drop earrings are fully marked; they bear many French marks including the horse head, indicating 18 karat gold content, the bigorne mark, and a diamond cartouche makers mark.

These earrings have a back to front closure which works just as it sounds, the earring goes through the ear from behind and clips in the front. They are extremely comfortable to wear, but it can take a little time getting used to putting them on. The key is to wiggle the earring instead of trying to just push it through. Don't be surprised if you get hooked on this style of closure once you get used to it!

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