Funky Large Silver Vintage Earrings

She was in her high cut boots and low-cut pants, listening to Blondie and Fleetwood Mac on her record player. She was at a friend’s house. They were being young, living life in the moment, waiting for boys to call and staring at glossy magazine covers. Stars were beginning to pop into the night sky as the two of them decided to play dress up, wearing their favorite flower print shift dresses and silver earrings. Her pair were something her mother had recently purchased her for her birthday. She loved those earrings. They were as dangly as something Stevie Nicks would wear and as glamorous as something Cher might don. The two of them danced and sang to the music, pretending to be in a band, giggling, dreaming, living.

These large vintage silver earrings reminded me of music notes with their melodious loops and swirls. They were made in the 1970s and still look fabulous today. Together, they weigh 15.7 grams. Each earring measures 70 x 32 mm. They are marked with the silver content mark, ‘925’, the letter, ‘T’, and the maker’s mark, ‘MJL’.

From that little back dresses to those well worn jeans, this pair of ‘not to be missed’ danglers will look stunning on you!

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