Georgian Flip Fob Pendant Intaglio Colonel George O'Malley Waterloo

The Battle of Waterloo was fought on Sunday, the 18th of June in 1815. The Prussians and the British defeated Napoleon’s armies near the town of Waterloo in what was then the United Kingdom of the Netherlands (now Belgium). This decisive victory brought about an end to the 20 year long Napoleonic Wars. In Paris on the 8th of July, 1815, Louis XVIII was reinstated on the throne of France. In England on the 26th of July, Lieutenant Colonel George O’Malley received the ‘Waterloo Medal’ for distinguished conduct, awarded to himself and others in his unit unanimously by the English Parliament.

Handcrafted in England around 1820, this floral seal fob was beautifully crafted in 18 karat gold. One side shows a carved intaglio carnelian with the French phrase, “L’AMITIE SINCERE”, meaning, “the sincerest of friendship”, with a pair of hands holding each other; the other side is a flat cut bloodstone. The most fantastic part of this fob is a hidden message which was engraved underneath of the bar which holds the spinner before the spinner was mounted. It can only be seen when the fob is half flipped. It reads: Col. Geo. O’Malley to Majr. Tom

While I am quite certain that the George O’Malley in question is the fifth son of George O’Malley of Gernsay, Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland, I could not say with complete certainly who the Major Tom in question is. There was a Thomas McCann, an Adjutant who was in the 44th with the Colonel at the Battle of Waterloo. Colonel George O’Malley went on to join the Connaught Rangers and in August of 1825 was stationed in Corfu, he remained there for over ten years. He left the military in poor health in 1838 and died on May 16, 1843.

This fantastic piece of would look wonderful worn as a pendant on a heavy chain or watch chain. It measures 36 x 29 x 8 mm, weighs 20 grams and has been acid tested.

A note from Victoria: Sometimes when I’m shopping I come across something that I just have to have. Usually I pay a bit more for these items than I might otherwise pay, but they are always things that are just so fabulous that if I pass on them, they will haunt my dreams. I think you might know what I mean? This amazing flip seal was just such a piece. It is fabulous from top to bottom and has such a rich and still somewhat mysterious history.

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