Glowing Antique Silver Moonstone Bracelet

Everyone should know one poem by heart, all the way though. At least one, more is better. I was in single digits when I memorized my favorite childhood poem; that one about the Owl and the Kitty? Remember them? They went to sea in a pea green boat, got married by turkey using rings from the nose of pig? No? Google it, you won’t be sorry. At the end of the poem the newlywed Owl and Pussycat are hand in hand on the edge of the sand while they dance by the light of the moon. I hope the Pussycat was wearing this bracelet, it would capture that blue moonlight and reflect it back with abandon.

This fantastic moonstone bracelet is set with those gorgeous, glowing blue moonstones that have the kind of phenomenal adularescence I’m always searching for. The center panel of this 6.5 inch long bracelet is set with a cluster of moonstones, an oval of .82 carats surrounded by 10 round stones which add up to about 1.2 carats in total. The rest of the bracelet is made up of slightly graduating round cabochon cut stones, the largest of which measures 7.6x7.6x3 mm and the smallest of which measures 5.9x5.9x2.7 mm. The total carat weight in moonstones is approximately 16.2 carats. This bracelet measures 16.1 mm north to south at the widest point and sits 5.3 mm off the wrist at the highest point. This fully hand crafted bracelet is made in sterling silver and has a hidden clasp and safety chain. It is unmarked and weighs 10.2 grams.

And hand in hand by the edge of the sand, they danced by the light of the moon, the moon, the moon. They danced by the light of the moon. ~ Edward Lear

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