Pair of Matching French Signet Rings Antique 18k Gold Seal Intaglio

$ 5,750.00

He was a Vicomte, she was a Marquess, he was below her but she loved him passionately and he her. So, she took his title and his ring despite the scandal it caused amongst polite society in Paris. She didn’t care, it was a matter of the heart, she knew it the moment she saw him, she wanted to walk by his side as long as she was on this mortal coil. The moment you slip one of these rings on your finger you can start to feel it's history. Worn by a French Vicomte and his bride (or child?) the ring features a heraldic seal with a shield topped by a 9 point coronet.

I was very excited to come across this pair of matched signet rings, one is a large ring and one very small. I would think that they were made for two different people in the same family but it’s possible that one was pinky ring and one a first finger ring as most signets would have originally have been worn by a man on the index finger or pinky of his right hand. They would have been used to impress his seal onto letters and important documents. Who knows what intrigues were sealed with these rings?

Both rings are French and both are made of 18 karat gold. The larger ring is size 9.5 and measures 16.4 mm north to south and across, is 2.7 mm thick at the top and narrows to 4.4 mm wide at the back of the band, it weighs 16 grams. The smaller ring is a size 4 and measures 11 mm north to south and 12 mm across at the face, it’s 3 mm thick at the top and narrows to 5 mm at the back of the band, this ring weighs 10.8 grams. The rings are marked with the owl mark and test as 18 karat gold.

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