Reserved~Sterling Art Nouveau Princess Pendant with Front Head Lady Profile with Flower, Plated Chain Plaques

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“A Chain’s Supportive Role; Designed Not To Be Overlooked” would be this pieces' book title, if it were to have one. Or perhaps “Art Nouveau; In One Piece”. Maybe “Repousse? Hold My Champagne”. This is a statement, this Art Nouveau Princess Pendant, she and her court, her supporting ladies, exemplify the intricacies and delicacies of this craft.

This stunning necklace dates from around 1910. At its focal point lies a captivating front-facing lady, her wonderful adornment, hair flowing and hands tucked under her chin. She a statement of femininity, grace, and ephemeral beauty. Her sterling silver dimensions: 63.3mm in height, 49mm in width, and 7.7mm in depth; she is marked “Sterling”. Supporting this pendant is a chain crafted from silver plated repousse plaques. Each plaque, a miniature portrait of a woman crowned with a flower in her flowing hair, measuring 33.5mm by 20.2mm with a depth of 3.5mm. The overall length of this necklace is 28 inches and it weighs 90.3 grams.

The Art Nouveau movement celebrated natural forms and feminine beauty, seeking to imbue everyday objects with artistic expression. In this necklace, we witness the literal embodiment of those ideals—a testament to craftsmanship, creativity, and the enduring allure of Art Nouveau design.

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