Stunning Art Deco Austrian Peridot Ring

Austria-Hungary established itself as a quality jewelry making nation during the Victorian Era alongside the Renaissance Revival. Austria was a sovereign nation by 1925, when the Art Deco period hit and they continued to craft beautifully artistic pieces, now with opulence and geometry. The movement was inspired by Cubism and the need to stray from the previous generation’s Art Nouveau. The uncovering of King Tutankhamun’s tomb, in 1922, gave way to a revival of Ancient Egyptian motifs. This ring was made around 1925 to 1930, in Austria, during the heart of this distinctively vibrant Era.

This stunning vintage Art Deco ring features a bright forest green peridot, which is beautifully faceted and weighs approximately 3.1 carats, it measures 9.5 mm in diameter and 5.6 mm in depth. This vibrant stone is set in 14 karat gold and is accented with six square cut (synthetic?) blue sapphires. The ring face is 15.8 x 20 x 6.1 mm with a band width of 1.5 mm. It weighs 4.5 grams. This masterpiece is fully hallmarked and bears the gold purity mark, ‘585’, the horse-head mark with the number ‘3’ inside, and an assay mark. This piece has been acid tested.

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