Victorian Double Witches Heart with Bow Top Brooch Pin Enamel Forget-me-not Flowers Gold

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The witches heart, with a tail that almost always twists to the right, was a piece of jewelry that had a purpose. Originally it was used as a talisman to ward off evil spirits, especially during childbirth and nursing. This style of heart had become so popular in Scotland in the 17th century that it was sold from small stalls or locked booths and so is sometimes also called a 'Luckenbooth'.  By the time that this double Witches heart was made in the 19th century, the meaning had changed somewhat and these double hearts were often given as tokens of love, to indicated that the wearer had ‘bewitched’ the giver!

This fabulous Victorian double Witches heart brooch is beautifully enameled with rich matte light blue and white forget-me-not flowers making up each heart. It was hand crafted, most likely in England, in about 1860-70. This brooch does show some signs of having an old repair to the C catch, please look carefully at the photos to see this, it’s quite stable and I wouldn’t touch it as is it’s really unnecessary. This brooch measures 30.8 mm top to bottom and 28.7 mm across, it weighs 4.5 grams. This unmarked brooch acid tests as 15 karat gold. This wonderful brooch can also easily be worn as a pendant.

I love a good witches heart brooch, but I was over the moon to find this unusual enameled one with such a sweet sentimentality to it!


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