Victorian Gold Drop Earrings Anchor Motif

To the Victorians, an anchor was a symbol of hope and steadfastness. Husbands would go off to sea as wives stood waving goodbye in the salty air of the harbor; they wore anchor motifs as a sentiment that they would see each other again. They would trust this idea and would hold enduring love, despite distance and danger. The anchor was also mentioned in a beautiful bible verse, Hebrews 6:19, “Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and secure, and which enters into that within the veil.” This was likely the origination of the symbol, but of course, an anchor is logically a resource for ensuring safety, for holding steady, and for sound reliance.

These nautical inspired antique Victorian earrings were handcrafted around 1890. A little golden anchor dangles in the center of each teardrop-shaped bauble. Each earring bears an engraved flower motif, bordered with rope details. They were made in 9 karat gold. There are no marks and they have been acid tested. Together, they weigh 2.4 grams. Each earring measures 34.4 x 13.7 mm.

Sail away with these fantastic sea-themed anchor earrings. No need to be by the water to wear them, anywhere with a glass of wine and a sunset will do.

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