Victorian Halley's Comet Brooch Pin Witches Heart Pearl Turquoise

Halley’s Comet is named for famed astronomer Edmond Halley, but it’s sightings date to long before Halley was around. In fact, it’s sightings are recorded in ancient Greek history from as early as 486 BC. Imagine how brightly it must have shown in the Grecian night sky, long before light pollution, or even much in the way of lights! Halley predicted that it would pass over Georgian England on the 13th of March, 1759 and when his prediction came true, it ushered a new era of wonder into Victorian Europe.

This fantastic comet brooch is testimonial to that 19th century fascination for all things science and the natural world. Hand crafted in 9 karat gold, this fantastic brooch was made in England around 1870-80. The front depicts a shooting star set with three round turquoise gems in it’s tails and a creamy white pearl in the star itself, it is shooting through a pearl set witches heart. The brooch measures 18.6 mm north to south and 46.3 mm across, it is 7.3 mm deep. This wonderful, hand crafted brooch weighs 2.8 grams.

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