Victorian Sapphire Diamond Ruby Opal Shield Ring

He was away for far too long. Her warm heart waited for his return, for his laugh, for his wit, for his smile. She looked at her ring and moved it side to side, watching it catch the last of the day’s sunlight. He told her, when he gave it to her, that each of the stones meant something grand. A sapphire for loyalty, his heart would never stray; a ruby for passion, as sizzling as firelight; a diamond for eternity, and everlasting love; and an opal for hope, especially when in doubt.

This is a classic antique Victorian shield ring that holds four beautiful gemstones, a sapphire, a diamond, a ruby, and an opal. It was handcrafted around 1900, most likely in England, which is where I purchased it. There are no marks on this ring, and it has been acid tested at 18 karat gold. The ring face measures 12 x 10.5 x 2.5 mm off the finger, and the bandwidth is 4 mm. This ring is a size 7.5 and weighs 5.1 grams.

This strong and sturdy ring is sure to please any jewelry lover, with its shiny gold and precious gems!

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