Victorian Scarab Beetle Earrings Gold Etruscan

$ 990.00

The tomb of King Tutankhamen, discovered in 1922, was filled with treasures, over five thousand objects including; bracelets, rings, amulets and earrings, furniture, masks and golden icons, bottles and jugs of wines and perfumes were all buried with the young King to help pave his way to the afterlife. Then there were the scarabs. Scarab beetles, sacred symbols of the Egyptian god, Khepri, who was said to push the sun across the sky, littered the tombs. Crafted into jewelry from the beetle's iridescent exoskeletons, or carved in bead form from gold, bone, steatite, lapis, basalt, turquoise and alabaster and glass, strands of beads and various jewels made of these little idols were found by the hundreds among the tombs great treasures.

Even before this amazing discovery, many of these ancient scarabs were taken by Victorian era tourists to Egypt, brought back to Europe after a "Grand Tour", and made into jewelry as reminders of the amazing treasures that they had seen on their journeys. These wonderful Victorian earrings were certainly such a treasure. Bezel set in 9k gold, these stunning oval earrings are finely detailed with a undulating, hand engraved border, and perfectly balanced with a simple gold drop a the bottom.

Unmarked, these gorgeous 9k earrings have been professionally acid test for gold content. They measure 44.9mm x 18.7 x 11mm, with the scarabs measuring 15mm x 11mm, and they weigh 5.6 grams.

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