Victorian Silver Purple Enamel Long Guard Chain Necklace

She came into the shop in a rush; she needed a cold bottle of good champagne to take for the hostess of a small dinner she was attending. She wore a simple linen shift in a color somewhere between violet and deep purple and big earrings along with the most fascinating long chain looped expertly and effortlessly around her neck. She chatted with her friend who owned the wonderful little shop while the lovely woman wrapped the bottle with a flourish.

“We should get together and drink one of these soon” her friend said. “We just need an occasion to celebrate.”

“Maria,” she responded, “a good bottle of champagne is its own reason!”.

This fabulous chain was hand crafted around 1890, most likely in England. It features 84 small and intricate purple enameled panels interspersed on a silver long guard chain. It most likely would originally have held a matching purple enameled watch. The chain is 61 inches long and weighs 18 grams. This wonderful piece is unmarked and tests as sterling silver.

This necklace is just like a good bottle of champagne, you don’t need a reason to celebrate it.

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