Victorian Turquoise and Gold Drop Earrings

She was standing with her sisters as they chatted about the rest of the guests at the ball. She was busy listening to the songs, considering learning them on her piano forte back home. She didn’t know he was watching her from across the room. She didn’t know he noticed her silk chiffon gown in the shade of soft yellow. She didn’t notice him watching her golden earrings move, catching and refracting light, as her head swayed to music. She didn’t notice much about anything until he asked her for the next dance. And as they spun around the floor, the world sank away, it was just the two of them, moving to a song in the distance.

These antique Victorian earrings were handcrafted around 1890, in Birmingham, England. These bell-like drop earrings each contain a lovely turquoise stone, giving these classic earrings the perfect amount of color. Together, they weigh 4.3 grams. Each earring measures 52 x 19.3 mm. There are English import marks on the wires and while they are marked ‘375’ for 9 karat gold, they actually test as 12 karat gold.

These perfect golden antique earrings will still be the ones that get noticed at the dance, classic pieces like these never go out of style!

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